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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How people make more money

I read an interesting article online today that argues that people make more money if they're emotionally intelligent.

Here is the link for the article:

You might be curious to learn more about this subject. Here is a self-study course worth 5 clock hours of cont. ed.

Emotional Intelligence and application to recreational therapy practice
  • TR Knowledge Areas:
Foundation Knowledge: Theories of human behavior and change
Practice of Therapeutic Recreation/ Recreation Therapy:modalities: communication skills, assertiveness skills, positive thinking, and coping skills to manage emotions.
  • Five (5) Clock Hour or (0.5) CEUs. Notice ten (10) Clock Hours = 1.0 CEUs
  • Course Objective: Independent self-study learner will demonstrate an awareness of using emotional intelligence in rec. therapy practice as evidenced by reading Gill Hasson’s (2014) Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career and passing an online written exam with a  score of at least 70% or better within a one-year timeframe.
book not included with course

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