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Thursday, November 27, 2014

9 things parents should try if they have a child who suffers anxiety

I'll openly disclose that I suffered from high anxiety as a child.

I didn't have the words to describe the feelings I was experiencing.

I knew it was intense worry. I would feel real upset/ scared when my parents left to go get milk or bread while I stayed at home to watch my two younger siblings. The highlight event that the family likes to poke fun of is the time I called my aunt and grandparents when my parents didn't return right away. I told stories of how I was afraid they were killed in a car wreck or maybe they decided to leave us children and never come back. my grandmother laughed. It is funny looking back today. It turned out the local place (2-Johns) didn't have bread or milk, so my parents went on to the Kroger on Harper Rd., which added about 30-45 mins. to their trip.

My good friend, Lisa Phelps, who I attended graduate school for counseling posted this neat link on her FB page with tips a parent should try if they have an anxious child.

Here it is:

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