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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Testimonials for Danny Pettry's CEU Program

Recreational therapists from nearly every state in the U.S. have taken courses, including people from the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. They’re international hits, too. People from Australia, New Zealand, England, and Canada have taken courses. One Recreational Therapist from the U.S. lived in Germany with her husband who was stationed there in the military. She completed self-study courses through this program to maintain her continuing education requirements at a distance.

Rec Therapist: Do you need CEUs?

Click Here for Danny Pettry's CEU Program

Go to Danny Pettry's page to sample a FREE online self-study course for 1-clock-hour at the link below:

Danny Pettry

By the way…thanks for offering this option for CEUs. I have an overabundance of CEUs for my NCTRC, but in NH you can only have a limited number each yr. in seminars, etc. for licensure, so this helped me fulfill the other category. The books were very good too!
Gisela, New Hampshire

The courses are great! You can do them on your own time and there’s no travel.
They are perfect for the busy professional.
Sadie Wermers, Rec Therapist, Minnesota

Educational and user friendly. Great service.
Melissa Princivalli, Rec Therapist, South Carolina

These courses are truly convenient and are helpful in the process of obtaining CEUs. It’s nice to have options in topics and enough time to finish the course.
I’m an advocate of these home study courses!
Dorothy De Los Reyes, Rec Therapist, New Jersey

I am so excited to have found Danny’s website. It has helped me get the CEU hours I needed at an affordable price. The course was easy to follow and Danny provided excellent instruction. Not to mention, I just had a baby and it allowed me to work on my son’s schedule.
Adrienne Manhart, Rec Therapist, Texas

I will make this quick statement about my experience with these home study courses. When I found out about DannyPettry.Com’s website I got really excited that recreational therapists have a site they can easily access to get continuing education credits. The home study course I took was easy, fast, and very informative. I personally think that in our very, very, busy schedules we need opportunities just like what Danny offers. Thank you for doing this, and I will definitely add this site to my favorites and recommend it to my colleagues!
Gisel Prado, Rec Therapist, Florida

This is fabulous for busy professionals who need CEUs.
Nicole Grego, Rec Therapist, Pennsylvania

You [Danny Pettry] make the CEU process much less of a headache!
I will definitely promote your program to my friends.
Jean Santo, Rec Therapist, California

just read and took the test..Great info! Thanks for doing this!!!
Loved that I can do this at my leisure and in my own home! Thanks Danny.
Lisa Contreni, Rec Therapist, New York

I think this is a wonderful way for those isolated in "Recreation Therapy" to keep informed and up to date in the field. Thank you.
Margaret M. Arlt, Rec Therapist, Delaware

Hi Danny- I have taken a few of your classes and love it.
They are convenient and excellent sources of knowledge for a working Mom.
Jodi Danback, Rec Therapist, South Carolina

Courses are affordable with easy access!
Jill Pelaez, Rec Therapit, Maryland

I can read the course material on my own time. It fits into my schedule and is a cost efficient way to gain knowledge & CEUs
Bethany Ussery, Rec Therapist, Missouri

It is easy to follow and interesting to learn.
Deana Treadway, Rec Therapist, Knoxville, Tennessee

The course was quick and had a good format. It is great and needs no improvement.
Melissa Lewis, Rec Therapist, North Carolina

I liked the reading material given and the way the questions were asked
Allen Kimberlin, Rec Therapist, State of Washington

Rec Therapist: Do you need CEUs?

Click Here for Danny Pettry's CEU Program

Go to Danny Pettry's page to sample a FREE online self-study course for 1-clock-hour at the link below:

Danny Pettry

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