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Sunday, January 10, 2016

public notice of our trademarks

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Here is a list of trademarks/ service marks currently owned by Danny Pettry. 
Use of our marks without written permission is prohibited. Using similar or confusing marks is also prohibited. 

Danny Pettry℠

This mark was first used in our online email newsletter consisting of resources for recreational therapists and allied professionals in 2005. Danny Pettry℠ has been successfully submitted to the United States Patent andTrademark Office (USPTO). 

We first used this mark on in 2006. The site consists of leisure education resources, e-books, and email list. This brand is scheduled to have a relaunch in 2016.

Rec Therapy CEUs℠
Our Rec Therapy CEUs markhas been used online and in commerce for many years. Danny Pettry has used the Rec Therapy CEUs mark for educational services, namely providing self-study and online continuing education services for recreational therapists and allied professionals.

Rec Therapy Today℠
Our Rec Therapy Today℠ has been used online since 2012. Formerly, this email newsletter was titled: Danny Pettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs and news.  

© 2016 Danny Pettry, Limited Liability Company. All rights reserved. Danny Pettry℠ and Rec Therapy Today℠ and TeachLeisure™ and the Rec Therapy CEUs℠ logo are trademarks and service marks of Danny Pettry, LLC. Using similar or confusing marks is also prohibited. 

See someone using our service marks and trademarks online? Let us know. We’d like to hear about it. Email:

See samples of our service marks and trademark logos below:

Danny Pettry

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