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Monday, December 28, 2015

Always have backup plans.

Hey there,

It’s your friend, Danny P.

My tip of the day is: Always have backup plans.

I had pre-assigned someone to do a certain task/ job for me today.

This person had several weeks to prepare for it.

I could tell from observation that this individual was not taking the task seriously.

He didn’t do anything during the preparation time. In fact, I even once caught this individual putting his head down and resting.

So, I knew the job didn’t get done.

Most of the time, I have quick, easy-to-implement interventions that I can facilitate based on memory. (That is one backup plan). I also knew I had a little extra time before this session, so, I did prepare the project.

As I expected, the individual was not prepared today. He asked for more time.

I went ahead and implemented the project that I had prepared today.

What does this have to do with you and Continuing Education?

Do you still have time to prepare and obtain the credits that you need?

I suggest getting a few more than minimum needed. Go the extra mile to be on the safe side.

That appears to be a double advantage, more knowledge, and less sweat about it.

As always, DannyPettry.Com is a great backup plan for those of you who may have waited a little too long.

But you there, reading this email. I feel confident that you’re doing the right thing.

Hope you’ll consider taking one of my self-study CEU course as an additional backup.

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