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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Motivation: Self-Assessment Test.

Question: If you could earn $1,000 for passing a test on a book, would you select

a.) a book you've already read and know well which could help you get closer to the $1,000! or would you select

b.) a really difficult book that you might not pass 100%, but could give you to develop new knowledge, skills, awareness, insights.

Your Results:
  • If you picked A. then you might be extrinsically motivated. In example: do this task to get something else. Sure, I imagine this technique can work for the short-term. There are a lot of things people might do when they are extrinsically motivated. However, will the behavior continue after you receive the $1,000 payment? 

  • If you picked B. then you might be more intrinsically motivated. In example: do this task because you enjoy doing it. I imagine this person will continue to read more books because she (or h) enjoys the activity for the sake of the activity. 

Here are my top three favorite books on intrinsic motivation:

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