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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Doesn't feel fear, doesn't feel pain.

I teach emotional regulation skills to children and teenagers.

One of the lessons I teach is that all emotions are good because emotions serve a purpose.

They let us know when something isn’t right.

I was watching the Esther and Jerry Hicks yesterday and Esther had said something along the lines of: we want you to feel the pain. She argues that a person who uses some type of drug to avoid feeling the pain of touching a hot stove wouldn’t be a good thing. She points out that feeling the hot stove lets us know it isn’t good.

Today, I read an interesting article about a woman who is not able to register fear. As a result, she has put herself into harmful situations. Our ancestors who lacked fear were more likely to have been killed. In example: a person with a healthy fear of poisons snakes would take more precautions to avoid being killed by one. A person who lacks the fear of poisons snakes might make the mistake of being less cautions and as a result: get bit and possibly die.

Here is the article on the woman who does not feel fear:


Here is another story of a girl who does not feel pain and as a result has had many injuries:

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