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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Be The 1 to change a child's life

Here is a nice email that my supervisor at work, Ang V. had sent to all the staff at our hospital today, which she announced that I have won an award! Read below:

Be The 1 to change a child’s life.
The West Virginia Child Care Association will honor the professionals who care for West Virginia’s most vulnerable and difficult children and their families.
The awards ceremony will kick-off with a motivational speaker who will reenergize and inspire staff to continue the great work they do for West Virginia’s at-risk kids!
Those to be awarded will include: support staff, child care workers, clinical staff and foster care family.
A special Champion of Children and Community Award will also be presented to those in the community who have gone above and beyond to improve the lives of West Virginia’s at-risk children.
Clinical Staff Award - River Park Hospital
River Park Hospital would like to recognize this individual for the Clinical Staff Award for many reasons.
This person has been with River Park for over ten years.
This person serves two roles for our patients. Recreational Therapist and Provisionally Licensed Counselor.
This person works in three of our residential programs. You will see him leading groups for our three populations.
He is a caring, compassionate individual.
You will see him providing emails and education to our Recreational therapy team in the hospital as well as offering advice and suggestion to our other child care workers and direct care staff.
He is right there with the kids, encouraging them to make positive choices. He helps to celebrate their successes with cake, ice cream and a party.
Just last week, he comes in, coffee in hand first of course, but other hand full of cake and birthday gifts.
He can be seen talking to social workers, parents, and other family members any chance he gets.

He often says, “Ang, if you need me to do that I would love to.” And he says it daily. And he says it with care and compassion for the kids and what they need.
He strongly believes in intrinsic motivation and learning and does what he can to help teach our kids this very important quality. He is motivated intrinsically himself, he does things because it is the right thing to do.
He has written books about recreational therapy and about West Virginia. He is an active advocate for our kids and our state. His face is one the kids like to see. He is their BUDDY!
Not only does he write books and provide care for our kids, he also can be seen on Pinterest pinning things related to work, social skills for the kids, DBT skills teaching, and how to motivate kids.
When he first heard a page from our book: Be the One, he wanted to borrow it, and still has it! I just know he is using it in his day to day work! Because that is who he is.
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world. -
 Anne Frank

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