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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RTs are not psychopaths

Time posted a list of professions that have the most psychopaths and the fewest psychopaths.

Rec. Therapists were not on the list, however, several closely related professions were on the list to have the fewest psychopaths, which included:

Therapists (I would imagine in general, including RTs),
Craftsperson (which a lot of our skills are in specialized crafts),
Teacher (which we teach a lot of skills: in example social skills, coping skills, life skills, etc.),
Creative artists (which, we would not get continuing education credit for a course in creative arts (like birdhouse making, however, we RTs are often creative people).
Charity worker (I'd imagine many RTs assist with charity projects and volunteers)

OF course, there could be outliers working in the profession. I imagine most likely they aren't.

However, RTs who work in mental health settings may have provided services for people who have a personality disorder or traits of a psychopath. The definition of a psychopath is at the Time link below:

Read the full article here:

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