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Thursday, July 31, 2014

RTs ranked # 1 least likely to be computerized out of 702 occupations!

Forbes (2014, Feb.) published an article about a study on fields that are most likely and least likely to be replaced by computers.

Good News: Recreational Therapists were ranked # 1 with least likely to be computerized out of 702 occupations!  

Naturally, Recreational Therapists (as well as other allied health workers who won’t be replaced by R2D2) require intelligence in social, emotional, and creativity, which can’t be replicated by a computer.

Specifically, I wanted to point out that the authors had written in their study that was published in 2013 on what people need to do in order to find employment after their jobs become obsolete:  
“they will have to acquire creative and social skills.”

Emotional intelligence is one of those social skills that the authors are talking about in order to succeed in the future.

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Here is the source, which shows the top 10 professions least likely to be replaced by C3PO:

Please note: Although, RTs won’t be replaced by computers, RTs do apply a lot of computer and technology, in example: knowing and using assistive devices to help people with disabilities to learn how to life a fuller functioning life. The 2013 American Therapeutic Recreation Association’s annual conference in Pittsburg offered a specialized track with applied technology in rec. therapy.

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