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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Healing power of nature for tranquility

The Independent featured on article that our brain is hard weird for rural tranquility.

In other words, nature is peaceful and urban landscapes are often hard to process.

I think we, RTs, can attest to the importance of good nature.

I’ve only been to NYC once, but I’d argue that city would not be livable without their park.

Many DBT focused practitioners are also teaching mindfulness, self-soothing, and healthy distraction 
from problems through nature and mini-vacations.

Tip: enjoy nature in a rural area. Try West Virginia (my home state). We have great parks. My favorite is Pipestem State Resort! Check it out on the web.

One of my favorite authors who provide writing tips, Jurgen Wolff, suggests nature and plants help encourage creativity. 

Read the article here:

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