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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Please nominate DannyPettry.Com

Dear fellow Rec Therapist:
Are you an ATRA Member?
ATRA has asked members to “show the love” and nominate people and organizations for the 2016 annual awards.
There is an “Excellence in Education” award.
I feel that my online continuing education program, would be a great nomination (see information below)
I’m boldly asking my fellow ATRA friends to nominate my program for this award.
Please send a quick reply and let me know if you’re an ATRA member who might be interested in nominating my program for this award.
I'd appreciate it a lot.
Best wishes.
Your friend,
P.s. I beleive I am a very humble individual. One who often lacks the interpersonal effectivness skills to be assertive and ask for things I want. I thouhgt I'd go for it and ask you.
Some information about my program that you may or may not know:

a.) Danny Pettry has been a good-standing member of ATRA since 2001.He loves ATRA!

b.) DannyPettry, LLC was founded in 2007 as the first online continuing education program created specifically for recreational therapists. The big 10-year anniversary is in 2017.

c.) DannyPettry has consistently recommend ATRA conferences and webinars for continuing education. However, for those who are not able to attend ATRA conferences, DannyPettry.Com is there as a Plan B backup resource.

d.) Over 1,000 students have completed a self-study course from since it opened in 2007.

e.) DannyPettry.Com provides a free email newsletter and blog, titled: Rec Therapy Today that provides interesting articles, career posts and other information that might be of interest to Recreational Therapist. His Recreational therapy newsletter predates his business, which was started in 2005.

f.) DannyPettry.Com has paid for several students ATRA memberships to help introduce the professional association.

g.) Danny Pettry avidly advocates for the profession by giving free trainings and workshops to the public annually at his place of employment and at other agencies in his state: West Virginia.

h.) Forty DannyPettry.Com sessions have been pre-approved by NCTRC for CE credit.

i.) Danny Pettry has had articles published in the ATRA newsletter and other branches of ATRA newsletters

j.) Danny Pettry served as the ATRA representative for the West Virginia branch of ATRA for several years before WVTRA closed.

k.) Danny Pettry has self-published several books in relation to Rec Therapy, leisure, recreation, activities, etc.
    • Activities for Children 2006
    • Lessons for Life and Leisure: 2005
    • A Recreational Therapist System on How You Can Become Great at Anything: 2009
    • Building Character with Sam, Izzy, and Many Other Dogs: 2010
    • Magical Inspirational Quotes for Motivation: 2011
    • Cinema Therapy card game: 2013


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