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Thursday, February 4, 2016

riding a horse has health benefits

My mother grew-up riding horses. She had her own horse as a child.
I, Danny Pettry, have never been on a horse.
I’m from West Virginia. We had a field full of horses near my home.
We’d pick little green apples off the two trees in our yard.
My family would ride our bikes out to the horse field.
We’d feed the horses. They’d come galloping our way.
We’d pick blackberries too! Dad would make us kid’s pea shooters, which were fun to play with.

My dad and paternal grandmother had told us the story that one of my dad’s uncles had slapped a horse on it hind-back leg and it kicked him up in the rafters of the barn. I had a lot of anxiety as a child. I feared horses up close.

Well - here is a link that talks about the health benefits of riding horses:

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