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Friday, February 5, 2016

Rec Therapy CEUs trademark

Rec Therapy CEUs is a legal trademark owned by Danny Pettry. Nevada Certificate of Registration Number: C20160126-0657. It is a service mark that Danny Pettry used to identify his Continuing Education (CE) program and services from other program and services that are created specifically for Recreational Therapists and those with the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) credential.

Consumer Warning:
Danny Pettry, DannyPettry.Com, Rec Therapy CEUs, and Rec Therapy Today are trademarks used by Danny Pettry for many years. Please be cautions of a company filed in December 2015 that is using our Rec Therapy CEUs service mark. We have not approved or licensed this individual to use our service mark.

Please contact Danny: if you have concerns about your Rec Therapy CEUs certificate of completion that has not been given by Danny Pettry.

Here is a picture of a facebook post that I have stating I started working at DannyPettry.Com: Rec Therapy CEUs in January 2007.  I was taking a business course at Unlimited Future, Inc. (in Huntington, West Virginia) with Gail Pattin, which I was creating a business plan for my business, DannyPettry.Com: Rec Therapy CEUs.

I had lost a lot of "Rec Therapy CEUs" emails and blog posts/ information at my blog when they changed.

Here is a picture of my very first post on facebook in Feb. 2007, which I sed the Rec Therapy CEUs term:

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