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Friday, January 29, 2016

Martial arts for children with autism spectrum disorders.

I am a big fan of the RT Wise Owls.

There was a great research article by Rhonda Nelson, Ph.D, CTRS, MT-BC, associate professor at Temple and three students who are in the M.S. recreation therapy degree program at Temple: Alexis Bell, Kelly Palace, and Morgan Allen.

The article outlines the benefits of a martial arts program for children with autism spectrum disorders.

I have provided services for children who had previous dx of aspergers, which was taken out of the DSM-5. I do find children with ASD to be very interesting and fascinating.

I was hesitate to share this information about myself. I've often wondered if I am not on the spectrum.  Here are some reasons:

  • I have always had off fascinations with things like states and capitals, U.S. presidents, license plates, interstate numbers.
  •  I had strong sensory problems with certain types of clothing that would drive me crazy as a child. Imagine having an itchy sweater X10. That is what it was like for me to wear certain types of clothing. As a teen, I was able to pick out more of my own clothing. As an adult, I do the same, but I have also learned tolerance. 
  • I had poor social interactions. I was shy, backwards. I lived a lot more in my head. 
Regardless, I don't have a dx. I do think having some of those odd character traits listed above help me to be more empathetic when providing services for children who have autism spectrum disorders. 

Here is a link to the RT Rise Owls article I was telling you about:

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