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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Seize control of your destiny. Live life on YOUR terms!!

If you’re like me, you’ve thought about it a million times. The freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. The professional fulfillment that can only be achieved if you’re working for yourself.


The security of owning a business where you can’t be downsized, reshuffled, pushed into retirement, or asked to absorb the work of yet another phased-out colleague into your own jam-packed work day. 


The days of long-term “security” that used to come with a corporate career are gone. And they’re never coming back—especially if you’re in your mid-forties or crossed over into your fifties.  We live in an age when real security comes not from having a job, but from owning a business. 


That’s why I’m so pleased to tell you about a special new book by a colleague for whom I have a ton of respect. His name is Pete Gilfillan, and he’s widely respected as a thought leader in his field.


In his new book, HIRE YOURSELF – Control Your Own Destiny Through Franchise Ownership, Pete shows you exactly how business franchising can open the door to exciting new career opportunities, and total professional freedom!


Let’s face it. True career freedom is everyone’s dream. However, few people achieve it. But today can be the day you take a giant stride toward being among the few who answer only to themselves.


You can take that giant step because HIRE YOURSELF is an incredible resource that

bridges the chasm between the corporate grind and career independence!


I’m not sure what your personal situation is. Maybe you’re burned out on the corporate game.


Or maybe you’re at a crossroad due to a downsizing, or a reorg, or a buyout, or a merger…or some other fiscal event you can’t control.


Maybe you have a close friend in this situation.


Or perhaps you’re developing a five- to 10-year plan for escaping the corporate grind and choosing a next phase of your life where YOU call the shots.  


Whatever path you’re on, HIRE YOURSELF will expose you to a thriving world of franchise opportunities where you…


- Chart your own course

- Leverage your passion and skills

- Make your own schedule

- Embrace a professional life of integrity and self-respect

- Generate the revenue you desire and deserve


“You have the choice to either work toward your goals or someone else’s so why not be your own boss. HIRE YOURSELF is THE best tool you can have when taking that step in your franchise investment.”


—ROBERT HUDGENS, Entrepreneur, success coach and self-made millionaire

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