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Friday, May 29, 2015

31 Flavors!

What Does Danny Pettry and Baskin Robbins have in common? "The # 31."
Danny Pettry has 31 self-study courses and Baskin Robbins had 31 ice-cream flavors!

Click here to sign-up for any self-study courses by Danny Pettry for cont. ed. credits.

Here is a list of the current 31 courses.

1.     Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Recreational Therapy

2.     Counseling and Recreational Therapy

3.     An Introduction to Cinema Therapy: And application to recreational therapy practice

4.     Emotional Intelligence and application to recreational therapy practice

5.     Mindfulness: Techniques for stress management and healthier living

6.     Resilience: Coping with tragedy

7.     Understanding and Applying William Glasser's Choice Theory

8.     Responding to Troubled Youth’s Challenging Behavior

9.     Communication Skills: Listening and Nonverbal

10.  Techniques for Helping Children to Decrease Verbal and Physical Aggression

11.  Recreational Therapy Refresher

12.  Positive Psychology

13.  Pink's Motivation Theory for behavior change

14.  Professionalism in Recreational Therapy

15.  Professional conduct and behavior: kindness

16.  Understanding Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

17.  Understanding Autism (one hour)

18.  Using Yoga as a Treatment Modality  

19.  Using Learned Optimism in Recreational Therapy

20.  Using Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Recreational Therapy

21.  Consequences for using external motivators when teaching children

22.  Using Psychology Techniques to Change People

23.  Motivation Techniques

24.  Social Psychology of Likeability: Techniques to Improve Quality of Life

25.  Treating Depression: Techniques for Promoting Happiness

26.  Helping Techniques: Making a Difference Through Serving Others

27.  Therapeutic Outcomes of Journaling 

28.  Effective Communication Techniques for Dealing with People’s Difficult Behavior

29.  Therapeutic Outcomes for Using Dogs as a Pet Therapy Approach

30.  Writing Functional Outcome Goals in Recreation Therapy    (3 hours)

31.   Using Person Centered Therapy  

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