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Friday, October 31, 2014

9 unhappiest jobs. gave their list of the 9 unhappiest jobs.

Of course, rec. therapist wasn’t on the list.

I imagine that most RTS are very satisfied with their career.

I think I recall seeing NCTRC surveys that indicated that most RTs felt satisfied with their work.

I feel very fortunate to do what I do. I have a lot of passion for my work. Of course, I do have some tough days at work, as we all do.

I would still make the best of a situation if I had a job that I didn’t personally enjoy. First, I would feel grateful just to have a job. My brother-in-law is a coal miner. It is a very dangerous job and he could lose his job anytime with the growing regulations on coal. My brother works with computers for a County Board of Education. He likes what he does. My sister is a phlebotomist. She takes blood. I know I would not be able to poke people with needles all the time.

I believe most people find their niche in life and select careers they want to do.

However, I am aware that some people out there do not like their jobs. That sounds sad.

We work most of the hours we are awake. I know I have made the choice to do a job that I find personally pleasing. I’ve had opportunities to make more money at different job offers over the years. However, I have selected to stay where I am at because I enjoy what I do.

Here is list of unhappy jobs:

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