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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Recreational Therapy Foundation Grant Application

Recreational Therapy Foundation Grant Application

PART II – PROPOSAL NARRATIVE – In no more than five pages, no smaller than 11 pt. font, please provide the following information:

Introduction.  Describe the mission(s) and population(s) served by the applicant organization.  Describe the project’s purpose and rationale – addressing its importance for the advancement of recreational therapy and its potential to advance the missions of participating organizations.  Describe how a grant from the Foundation may leverage additional funds for the project.

Need/Opportunity.  Describe the needs or problems the project addresses. Cite plans, research, statistics or recommendations that support the proposed project and how the project relates to the profession’s research priorities .

Project Activities.  Describe project’s key activities along with a timeline for completion. Also include a statement regarding IRB approval from affiliated institution and/or agency.

Anticipated Results and Assessment.  List specific outcomes anticipated and the corresponding indicators of success for each anticipated outcome and how you will measure the results. (For example: Proposed Outcome: Study findings reported to professionals; Proposed Indicator: Published ATRA Newsletter article which summarizes the study.) Include a copy of assessment and/or evaluation tools that will be utilized.

 Leadership.  Describe the roles of staff, consultants, and/or volunteers providing project leadership. Indicate experience or credentials these leaders bring to the project, including past research experience.

Collaborations.  Describe any collaboration with other organizations/individuals on this project and how the collaboration will be established and maintained. 


Itemize all anticipated project expenditures and sources and amounts of support.  For each source other than the Recreational Therapy Foundation, indicate amounts received, committed, requested, and/or to be requested.


If a collaborative project, provide correspondence from organizations cited in the proposal narrative, confirming the scope and type of resource-sharing or other cooperative arrangements.


·         Copy of applicant organization’s IRS letter of determination.

·         Assessment or evaluation tools used (if applicable)

SUBMISSION:  Scanned copies of completed and signed applications may be emailed to Dr. Cathi McMahan, by the deadline, May 23, 2014.  Applicant organizations are encouraged to contact Dr. McMahan with any questions.

 Proposals will be reviewed by a review committee established by the Foundation. All applications must then be approved by the Board of Directors of the Recreational Therapy Foundation.  Applicants will be notified of application status after the Board decision.  Grant amounts may vary from $1,000 to $2,500. Application materials will not be returned.

Kari Kensinger, Ph.D., CTRS, CAS
Independent Recreational Therapy, Leisure Behavior and Autism Consultant
President, Recreational Therapy Foundation
Part-Time Lecturer, online RT Program, Florida International University

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